BMW Mobile Tradition

BMW 1500-2000, 2000C/CS

The "Neue Klasse" was BMW's answer to the mid-sized 4 door Saloon of the 1960s, featuring 4 cylinder inline engines, McPherson spring struts, semi-trailing arm and disc brakes.

The CS version, pictured left, was built by Karmann and was available with automatic transmission as an option. From 1968 it pioneered dual circuit brakes which then appeared on BMW saloons.

BMW 1502-2002

The '02 following the success of the "Neue Klasse" this unique line of 2 door sports saloons set new standards internationally. The '02 combined compact body with Tardis-like space inside and sported the most advanced chassis technology of its day. The 2002 turbo was produced in 1973 and was introduced to supplement the ti version with twin carburettors and the tii with Kugelfischer fuel injection. The '02 was also available as a Touring, Convertible and Baur.

BMW 2500-3.3 Li (e3)

1968 saw BMWs return to the luxury performance sector with the introduction of the 2500. Standard specification cars had disc brakes front and back, power steering and a wide range of options such as LSD self levelling rear axle and long wheel base versions.

BMW 2800CS - 3.0CSL (e9)

Successor to the 2000 CS and also bodied by Karmann, this range of Sports Coupé were available with a wide range of specifications. The top dog being the light-weight CSL with which BMW had great success motor racing. The road going version wasn't quite so light-weight with the heaviest optional extra electric window mechanisms ever!

BMW 3 Series (e21)

Following the 1972 5 Series launch, BMW continued their model expansion and the 3 Series took over from the highly successful '02. This range of 2 door sport saloons was soon available with a small 6 cylinder engine.

Build dates: 1975-1983

BMW 5 Series (e12)

A mid range 4 door saloon and successor to the "Neue Klasse" BMW 1500-2000 the new 5 Series rolled out of the new Dingolfing plant in 1972. Today the e12 has a keen following around the World.

Build dates: 1972-1981

BMW 5 Series (e28)

Major developments were implemented in the second generation 5 Series, better aerodynamics, improved safety and greater comfort. The range of options was also increased with an emphasys on greater fuel economy with 5 speed gearboxes becoming standard and 4 speed automatic transmission.

Build dates: 1981-1988

BMW 6 Series (e24)

Obviously following the sleek styling of the e9 coupé sport, the 6 Series rivalled all in the luxury sport sector and became as equally rusty as the e9 too!

Build dates: 1976-1989

BMW 7 Series (e23)

Based on the e24 6 Series Coupe, the first BMW 7 Series rolled off the production line in 1977. It was the hight of automotive luxury and a World leader in technology. The 732i was the first production car with Digital Motor Electronics. It was also the first to implement ABS braking.

Build dates: 1977-1986