BMW 5 Series Service Manual: 1989-1995 (E34)

BMW 5 Series Service Manual: 1989-1995 (E34)

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The BMW 5-Series (E34) Workshop Manual: 1989-1995 is the ideal guide for enthusiasts, do-it-yourselfers, and professional technicians. All will appreciate the quality of photos and illustrations, theory of operation, and accurate step-by-step instructions.

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BMW E34 models and engines covered
  • 525i (M20 with DME 1.3) 1989-1990
  • 525i (M50 with DME 3.1) 1991-1992
  • 525i (M50TU/VANOS with DME 3.3.1) 1993-1995
  • 530i (M60 with DME 3.3) 1994-1995
  • 535i (M30 with DME 1.3) 1989-1993
  • 540i (M60 with DME 3.3) 1994-1995

Transmissions covered
  • Manual (remove, install, external service)
  • Getrag 260/5 and 260/6
  • Getrag S5D 250G
  • Getrag S6S 560G

Automatic (remove, install, external service)
  • ZF 4HP22/EH
  • A4S 310R (THM-R1)
  • ZF A5S 310Z
  • ZF A5S 560Z
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BMW Workshop Manuals

BMW Workshop Manuals
Are you looking for the best and easiest workshop manual for your BMW? These workshop manuals, published by Bentley Publishers, are the best we have found for accuracy and technical content, and they are easy to understand. Please note that they are based on cars with a USA specification which may differ slightly to the specifications for other markets.

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