Remanufactured RHD Brake Servo: 1502

Remanufactured RHD Brake Servo: 1502

Product Information

These fully remanufactured brake servos are stunning. Every aspect of the unit has been remanufactured right down to the cylinder being powder coated and the drum plated. The cylinder has been sleeved with stainless steel and the seals replaced with custom made ones. They actually look better than new ones did when they were available!!

These units carry a 12 month warranty. However, use of silicone brake fluid voids any warranty.

CORE SURCHARGE: This is a remanufactured part and is sold on exchange. Due to people not returning core, we have had to increase the surchages. If you do not wish to pay the surcharge, you can send your old unit to us first.


BMW '02 Saloon (e10)

Our Reference:134.33803.45
BMW Part Number:34331111958
Availability: In Stock

Price: 295.00 (354.00 Including 20% VAT)


Surcharge: £125.00 (refunded when old unit returned)

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