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The following are some of the comments that our customers have made about us.
They hopefully demonstrate our commitment to providing the best possible customer service and parts at competitive prices.
Just a thank- you for excellent service in respect of the replacement of my E34's radiator and a replacement door seal today

As promised, it comes to you from now on.
Linwar has looked after my BMWs for over eight years. Due to the quality of their services my E-registered 3-series has been trouble free for the whole of this period. At the same time service costs have been considerably less than main dealer charges.

When considering the private purchase of a second hand 5-series in 1997 my decision was completely based upon Linwar's test drive and examination of the vehicle. I was fully informed of any problems that might arise in the future and also of its good qualities. History has proved the assessment to be accurate and with the help of their servicing this car has proved to be an excellent and reliable purchase.

Linwar's strength is based upon a very long working relationship between proprietor and engineer, their combined knowledge, vast experience of BMWs of all periods and their good relationship with customers. These combine to create complete confidence in everything they do.
Over the many years I have dealt with Mr Thompson of Linwar Motors, I have been impressed with the personal service and attention I have received from all members of his staff. I have found his knowledge of BMW cars and his stock of spares, both new and used, to be of a high calibre, and as long as I own a BMW car, his company will be the place I will take my vehicle for spares and attention.
I have been dealing with Linwar Motors for about 10 years which spans four different cars. During this period I have been more than satisfied with the quality and reliability of the work I have had undertaken. The experienced staff have always been accommodating, courteous and proficient not only when repair was necessary but also when advice has been requested.

The warehouse is always comprehensively stocked, reducing the wait for parts and thereby shortening the time a vehicle is off the road. I feel Linwar Motors provides good, honest value for money at the grass roots of the industry. A service worthy of the long distance I have to travel passing many a high street franchise along the way.
Having been dealing with Linwar Motors Ltd for the past 20 years all I can say is I have had wonderful service for all the spares and the many cars I have bought from them.

I live some 60 miles away but find the journey worth it for such good service.
Spending money is never easy, however the friendly and efficient service on repairs, spares and advice, reduces the pain considerably.
I have always found the standard of work to be of the highest quality whilst costs have been maintained at reasonable economic levels. Quality and integrity are the two words which come foremost to mind when considering Linwar, coupled with understanding, friendly and courteous personal service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Linwar Motors has been my ever present help in times of need for many years. Ian Thompson has been able to give advice and supply the right components when my BMW has needed them. The collective experience at Linwar Motors is invaluable if you run one of the older BMWs, they have almost always seen it before and can tell you how to deal with it. Long may they continue.
Throughout the seven years I have been a customer at Linwar Motors, I have always received excellent service. Mr Thompson has provided a high level of customer care and has maintained the car completely to my satisfaction. In the sometimes questionable world of motoring, Linwar Motors is a company in which I have always trusted that I would receive excellent care at a competitive price.
I have dealt with Linwar Motors for many years and have always found them courteous, efficient and to have the personal touch, that quality which is all too often lacking in this modern age.
Quality. Repair and servicing at affordable prices. Attention to detail and ability to resolve problems. Prompt and efficient service.
In the short time that I have dealt with Linwar Motors I could not praise them highly enough. Always helpful, always courteous, extremely knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble. My thanks to both Ian and John for keeping my six in tip top form.
First of all I would like to say I have had complete satisfaction with my dealings with Linwar Motors over the past twenty years. Ian's main attribute is that he can instantly visualise my requirement.
I have been a customer of Linwar Motors for around 5 years. As the owner of two 2002 cars I invariably require parts for them even on a routine basis let alone restoration work. In obtaining such parts from Linwar I have always found Mr Ian Thompson first class to deal with. His knowledge of old BMWs is extensive, the delivery of the parts is spot on and they are always well packaged. Relevant paperwork invoices etc. is equally efficient enabling one to monitor expenditure on the cars. In life one has to deal with and trade with many commercial companies of all kinds large and small. I would rate Linwar Motors as one of the best I have ever dealt with and I would recommend them to anyone.
Thank you for the work you completed yesterday on my 320i. The car now handles and performs as it should and hadn't done for longer than I care to remember. The old bus is once again a delight to drive. Thank you once again.

Graham Arnold, President, BMW Drivers Club (UK).

Throughout my business life I have discovered one way of assessing people. I just ask "would I employ this person in a position where trust, integrity and initiative are important?". I have known and respected Ian Thompson and Linwar Motors, for more than 20 years. I would have employed him at any time. I cannot say the same for any MPs, bank managers or tax inspectors.

Ian's biggest problem is that when he dies he will go to heaven and find that all the motor trade people worth knowing are in the other place.